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Here are some video clips of different types of activity seen on Kilauea. For more clips check out our Visit Kilauea Page. We're trying to keep the clips as short and compressed as possible so they don't take too long to load.

Looking for HD stock footage? We've been shooting in high definition since 2005, in 4K since 2014. The 16:9 clips below are a few examples.

Lava sprays from severed cliff (mov 970Kb)

'A'a flow with pahoehoe leaking from its front (mov 825Kb)

'A'a flow front (mov 870Kb)

Smooth flowing lava (mov 800 Kb)

Smooth flowing lava emerging from crust (mov 900 Kb)

Two channels in pahoehoe flows (mov 846 Kb)

Ropy pahoehoe lava (mov 815 Kb)

Ropy pahoehoe lava (mov 815 Kb)

Skylight view of lava river in a lava tube (mov 537 Kb)

Close Up of crust growing on lava river in a skylight (mov 840 Kb)

Emerging smooth pahoehoe toes (mov 830 Kb)

Spatter cone (mov, 800 Kb)

Splashing lava lake (mov 730 Kb)

Pahoehoe and 'a'a flows on steep slope (mov 770 Kb)
Lava fountains during the 1997 fissure eruption (QT, 260Kb)
Close up of lava splashing in a spatter cone (QT,300Kb)
HVO scientists in front of huge dome fountains, February 1, 1996 (290Kb)
Lava pouring from spatter cone vent, some splashing (QT, 210Kb)
A'a flow knocking down tree (QT, 374Kb)
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