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Now in gorgeous high definition! Includes the recent lava flows in Pahoa town and summit overflows.

DVD: 90 minutes total (3 shows)
Blu-ray: 90 minutes total (2 shows)
Digital Download included


This is the best-selling video in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Our Eruption Update video combines a running history of the current eruption of Kilauea Volcano (34 years worth!) with narration told from a personal point of view. We want you to really feel what it's like to work on an active volcano, and understand more about the incredible range of eruptive behavior on Kilauea. Follow us as we work, and scientists from the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory as they monitor the eruption. Here you get the real sights and sounds of the volcano... all that's missing is the heat and the smell (sulfur, gotta love it).

From the roaring high fountains of the late1980s to the destruction of Kalapana by lava in 1990, from the magnificent spatter cones of the 1990s to the spectacular fissure eruption of 2011... and on to the most recent activity of 2016 - Kilauea Volcano is always erupting, always dynamic, and constantly changing the landscape.

There is nothing comparable to experiencing an eruption up close - and we've never seen another video or TV show that can really give you that feeling. We add new footage several times a year, making this one hour the most up-to-date and exciting video on Kilauea's eruption available. Narrated by volcanologist Ken Hon and photographer John Kjargaard.

Eruption Update DVD Back CoverBlu-ray extra: Songs of the Molten Earth - beautiful high-definition lava set to music. Seven different pieces reflect different moods and aspects of lava flows: reveling in the sheer power of exploding volcanoes, lamenting the loss of ancient forests, witnessing the violent clash of lava and water. Powerful and awe-inspiring. (25 min)

DVD extras: Reflections on Kilauea: 20 Years Working on an Active Volcano. In honor of the 20th anniversary of the eruption, we produced a program of interviews with some of the people who have worked longest on the volcano. Now you can hear the scientists, park rangers, pilots and photographers tell some of their own stories. (20 min.)

Trials and Tribulations of a Volcanologist - This short humorous piece illustrates some of the hazards of doing research on an active volcano. (3 min.)


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